A downloadable interactive art for Windows

Let Your Body Conduct the Universe

SPACE MAESTRO is an interactive play experience where player creates his/her own musical galaxy through movement in the physical space. By spatially moving both hands like a maestro conducting an orchestra, player fuses gas clouds in space into stars. Creating or touching a star triggers musical stingers that make up a unique musical soundscape.

Heavily inspired by astrophysics and space documentaries such as Carl Sagan's Cosmos, the main idea of our work is to open the door to infinite space and cosmos through interactive experiences. While the experience itself may not be categorized as a game in conventional sense, we focused on creating an experience where player can feel the sense of wonder and awe.

The core of the design process was the collaboration between three different disciplines – spatial control, interactive visual creation, and interactive music. Integrating these different disciplines to achieve our experience goal was the most interesting and challenging part of the project.

The experience uses Leap Motion Controller and Oculus VR DK1. The Leap needs to be placed on a desk, instead of the OVR's surface. This was a deliberate choice because the Leap's sensing depth boundary was not enough when put on the OVR's surface. Also, headphone is recommended for the best experience.

Install instructions

You need a Leap Motion Controller and Oculus VR (DK1) and its respective driver installed to run the application.

Please put Leap Motion Controller on a desk, not on the OVR.

For the best experience, please use a headphone and place your hands about 6 inches above the Leap.

*Keyboard functions (not part of the game control)

P: Reset OVR Camera orientation

R: Restart